Coin collecting with New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post runs a premium commemorative coins programme for New Zealand with all our coin releases having very low worldwide mintages.

How we work

New Zealand Post is proud to be the only official issuer of New Zealand legal tender collectable coins in partnership with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. We work with highly respected mints from all over the world including the Royal Mint, Royal Dutch Mint, Royal Australian Mint and Royal Canadian Mint to produce high-quality commemorative coins. All the coins we issue are New Zealand legal tender and as such, feature the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley, England on the obverse face.

A piece of New Zealand

All our coins have a strong New Zealand feel and reflect aspects of New Zealand's unique cultural identity. Over the course of our partnership with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, New Zealand Post has issued precious and non-precious New Zealand commemorative currency collections. Our coins celebrate New Zealand's heroes, bring to life its Maori culture, recognise the plight of its endangered species, showcase its breathtaking landscapes and of course, commemorate its most beloved bird and icon, the kiwi! Collecting New Zealand coins means securing a unique piece of our nation.

Types of Coins

New Zealand Post issues both proof-quality coins and brilliant uncirculated (BU) coins.

Proof-quality: The highest-quality coin available, produced with a frosted finish and mirrored background. Proofs are struck more than once, with presses operating at slow speeds and with a high striking pressure, to produce a coin with sharp detail. Our proof coins are struck from precious metals: 24 carat gold (0.999) and fine silver (0.999).

Brilliant uncirculated (BU): Coins made from a variety of non-precious metals, produced with a completely shiny surface. Most BU coins issued by New Zealand Post are aluminium bronze or copper-nickel (cupro-nickel).

Coin Products

We issue a range of coin products from individual coins, sets of coins, currency sets and Philatelic Numismatic Covers (PNC's). Our coins are premium products, and are primarily silver and gold (0.999). Coin issues can vary from containing one coin product to several.


A PNC is a joint stamp and coin issue on a first day cover, that is linked by the same theme.

Currency sets

There are two main types of currency sets. The first consists of either proof-quality or BU coins that feature the same designs as New Zealand's circulated currency in any given year. The second consists of an annual coin issued alongside New Zealand's uncirculated currency, dated with the year of issue.

Uniquely presented

New Zealand Post coins are always presented in style, and the packaging adds to the beauty and value of the product. Each individual coin is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity, which gives detailed information on the story behind the coin.

Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is about much more than simply the value of the precious metal. Coins are carefully crafted works of art, and feature an intricate level of detail to be marvelled at. They are objects of beauty that visually express unique aspects of our nation. Both educational and informative, coins are fantastic story-tellers. They're a great way of learning about New Zealand's history, culture and identity - whether it's through the story of a well-known New Zealander, an endangered animal, or a cultural treasure. Often kept as keepsakes, coins are fantastic mementoes for marking special occasions and capturing memories. They are stunning heirlooms to be treasured by generation upon generation and they make beautiful, unique gifts.

Taking care of your coin collection

Handling coins

Collectable coins should be handled with care to avoid wear, and should be protected from moisture that could cause spots or colour changes. An uncirculated or proof coin should only ever be held by its edge. Fingerprints 
alone may reduce the coin's grade and consequently its value. When it's necessary to set a coin down outside a holder, place it on a clean, soft surface. A velvet pad is ideal and is essential for regular handling of valuable material. A clean, soft cloth or clean piece of blank paper may be sufficient for less valuable items.

Cleaning coins

In most cases, the best advice is do not clean coins. Cleaning a coin may reduce its collector value by more than half. Even wiping with a soft cloth will cause small but undesirable scratches, which will reduce the coin's value.

Storing and displaying coins

New Zealand Post coins are packaged attractively and with care to ensure they 
are well protected. Proof coins are housed 
in rigid plastic capsules to prevent oxidisation and presented in velvet-lined display cases. Bullion and brilliant uncirculated coins are usually displayed in plastic blisters within illustrated sleeves.