2017 Taniwha

While other cultures have dragons, serpents or other mythical beasts as the root of their myths and legends, New Zealand has the taniwha. A dominant creature in many Māori legends, they were mainly said to live in water, favouring deep pools in lakes, or rough waters and rips in rivers and oceans. This powerful creature is the subject of this limited edition coin issue.

2017 Taniwha 1oz Gold Proof Coin

The powerful taniwha is intricately depicted on this 1oz gold proof coin. The taniwha w...

Price: $3,449.00

2017 Taniwha 5oz Gold Proof Coin

This 5oz gold proof coin captures all the intricate details of the taniwha. Each scale ...

Price: $12,999.00

2017 Taniwha Silver Proof Coin

A dominant creature in many Māori legends, the taniwha is beautifully depicted in this ...

Price: $149.00